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August 2014

The Homes and Gardens Show 29th August 2014 - Bulbs and Coleus

29th August 2014

On this week's show :


-  The guys at Blue Flame Heating Solutions discuss Renewable Technologies, RHI and Feed in Tariffs.


-  David Marshall of Marshalls Estate Agents is discusses preparing your property for sale.


And we speak to Etiquette Expert and Author Diana Mather to ask if old-fashioned table manners have been lost for good.


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The Business Hub 25th August 2014 - Welcome Worldwide

26th August 2014

On this week's show we start by speaking to Jane Abraham, director of Flourish Workplace Limited. A business which is based in the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre in Treliske. Flourish works with businesses and organisations to look at the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Stephen Maunder is also on the show, he is the business development manager for the work skills training academy at Cornwall College.  Stephen will be telling us about a new partnership that hopes to tackle unemployment in the county.

We introduce Worldwide Financial Planning to the show! They are a firm of independent financial advisors and will be here with us every week.

And finally this week we chat to Stephen Pegg, Director of SME's at Lloyds and Tim Campbell MBE, winner of the first series of The Apprentice they are on the show talk about a recent study that has found almost half of University graduates prefer to start their own business as opposed to finding 'normal jobs'.

Links from the show this week

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The Homes and Gardens 22nd August 2014 - Heating, Tea and Foreign Flavours

22nd August 2014

On this weeks show: 


-  Grant, Duncan and John of Blue Flame Heating Solutions discuss internal system health checks for heating appliances.


- Bob Leach, Belvoir Lettings Falmouth with tips on how to be a good landlord.


- Jonathan Jones, MD of Tregothnan takes Pirate 2’s Isha Pit around their Tea Plantation.


Plus Michelin Star Chef and TV Cook, Mark Sargeant and ‘Herb Queen of Britain’ Jekka McVicar tell us about a study that has found Britons are more adventurous cooks now than they have ever been.



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The Business Hub 18th August 2014 - Hooked on to Innovation and Law

19th August 2014

On the show this week:

We re-visit Pool Innovation Centre and chat to Manager Richard Scutt and Clients based in the centre. 

Stewart Roode and Andrew Thomas of Hooked On Media also join us on the show, they are a Cornish start-up digital and PR Company. 

Employment Lawyer Kiran Daurka tells us about a recent study that found bosses admit to hiring men over women for fear of maternity leave.

And this week's final guest is Gemma Massey to tell us about the first ever Dual County Business Fair being held at Roadford Lake in September.

Links for this week's show

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The Homes and Gardens Show 15th August 2014 - Electrics and Growing Your Own

15th August 2014

On this week's show host Kevin Ball offers up tips and advice for growing orchids. 

Also on the show:

John & Duncan of Blue Flame Heating Solutions discuss the importance of an annual service of your appliances. 

We introduce David Marshall of Marshalls Estate Agents, he sheds light on the property market in Cornwall.

TV Presenter Dominic Littlewood and Phil Buckle of Electrical Safety Council offer up tips on how to avoid unregistered electricians and dodgy electrical jobs. 

Kew-trained Garden Designer and TV Presenter James Wong is on the show to talk about 'growing your own'.

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The Farming Show 14th August 2014 - Bees and Ladies in Beef

15th August 2014

On this week's farming show we hear from:

Simon Haley is the co-founder of @AgriChatUK on Twitter! Simon discusses the concept of AgriChatUK and how social media help Farmers. 

NFU Mutual's Tim Price discusses recent stats that show rural crime costs £1.1m in Devon and Cornwall.

Beekeeper Warren Bader from Plan B Limited, he is on the show to tell us why we have to save Britain’s Bees and why they are so important for our food chain. 

Our final guest on the show is Jilly Greed of Ladies in Beef. Jilly talks to us about how the Ladies in beef, in partnership with RABI, are encouraging the British public to celebrate the versatility and nutritional value of British Beef!

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The Education & Training Show 13th August 2014 - A-levels! A-levels!

14th August 2014

Kayleigh Bray hosts another jam-packed Education & Training Show on Pirate 2. 

We speak to Jeanette and Priscilla from the Learning Partnership who interview Mark Yeoman from the ESF Convergence and Communications Team. 

The director of curriculum for Truro and Penwith College, Mark Wardle, chats to us about the A-level qualifications and wide range of courses students can choose from.

Tim Moody is a careers and personal advisor at Careers South West, he discusses the advice and support that will be available on results day, and the clearing process.

And Kirsty Grant and Hamish Murphy of charity Latitude talk to us about gap years and the benefits they can have on your CV. 

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The Health & Wellbeing Show 12th August 2014 - The Emergency Department and Dr Christian Jessen

14th August 2014

This week's show is hosted by Isha Pit and features part 2 of the 2 part special 'Inside the Emergency Department' at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro. Where we hear from patients and staff members about the day to day running of the department. 

Wendy Everhard is the MD of Cancer Charity 'Made for Life' she discusses going through cancer herself and how the charity support people diagnosed with the disease. 

Jane Ashcroft CBE is the Chief Executive of Anchor Trust and Jo Hemmings is a Psychologist - they are on the show warning of a National Care Crisis.  

And TV's Dr Christian Jessen and William Hanson an Etiquette Expert discuss the great E-cigarette debate!

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The Business Hub 11th August 2014 - Health and Business

14th August 2014

On this week's show the tables turn and Kim interviews Mark about this Business background. 

We head over to Pool Innovation Centre and speak to Manager Richard Scutt and begin a tour around the centre to meet the clients who are based there.

Jeremy Peak - Orthodontist, Director of the River Practice in Truro and Director of Elevat Business - tells us how achieved the award 'Boss of the Year' at this years Local Heroes Awards. 

The largest study of employee health in the UK shows that unhealthy workforces are costing UK companies £58 billion a year! Dr Katie Tryon of Pruhealth tells us more. 

And Alan Street of Oxford Innovation tells us about a series of start-up business workshops that are happening in Cornwall next week!

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The Homes and Gardens Show 8th August 2014 - An Introduction

8th August 2014

Kevin Ball presents the first ever Homes and Gardens Show on Pirate 2!

Home Segment

-          Paul Smith and the team at Blue Flame Heating Solutions

We meet the team at Blue Flame and find out what we can expect to hear from them over the coming weeks!

-          Bob Leach of Belvoir Lettings

Bob Leach advises us on Letting Agents.

-          Suzi Perry, TV Presenter and Gadget Expert

Suzi Perry discusses the effects technology in the home has on our lives.

Garden segment 

-          Martin Fish, Garden Writer

Martin gives us tips and advice for garden hanging plants. 

-          Trevenson Moor Garden Centre  

We find out what we should be doing in our gardens during the summer months.

-          Charlie Dimmock, Gardening Expert and TV Presenter

TV's Charlie Dimmock is on the show to tell us all about house plants!

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The Farming Show 7th August 2014 - Apples and Pears and JB Gill

8th August 2014

The first ever farming show on Pirate 2 aired at 7pm on the 7th August!

Guests were: 

-          Mike Hambly, Farmer and Chairman of the National Crops Board for the NFU 

Mike talks about this years harvest and the NFU's harvest sticker Campaign.

-          Daniel Rowe, About Farming

Daniel alongside a small group of others is launching a new concept called 'about farming' which will be a tool providing information about everying to do with agriculture. 

-          Adrian Barlow, CEO of English Apples and Pears

The hot summer weather has meant that english apples are being harvested more than a month earlier than last year. Adrian discusses the effects this has on growers and what this means for the crop. 

-          Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association

Peter addressing the reoccuring debate - organic vs non-organic. 

-          JB Gill former member of JLS turned farmer! 

JB Gill has teamed up with Kellogs and is fronting a new initiative to help children learn more about where there food comes from as findings have shown 1.8 million children in the UK have never been to a farm!

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The Education & Training Show 6th August 2014 - Learning, Careers and Exam Stress

6th August 2014

The very first show went live at 7pm on the 6th August. 

The weekly show was hosted and will continue to be hosted by Pirate 2's Kayleigh Bray! Kayleigh discusses her background in education and delves into the current hot topics. 

This weeks guests were: 

Jeanette Read, Priscilla Samuel and Andrew Green of the Learning Partnership, describing exactly what they do and how their links can help you! The Learning Partnership will be on the show every week. 

Bursary advisor at Falmouth University Will Wears discusses the amount of bursaries and scholarships available to the people of Cornwall for this academic year.

John Davey is the Director of Business Development at Careers South West and is on the show to give us an insight into what they do and who they help.

Education Psychologist Teresa Bliss talks exam stress as we approach the A-Level and GCSE results days!

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The Health & Wellbeing Show 5th August 2014 helping take care of you

6th August 2014

The Health & Wellbeing Show is hosted by Isha Pit and the first show saw a great range of guests!

Consultant Dr Robert Taylor of Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro discusses life inside the Emergency Department in the first in a two part series. 

Orthodontist and Director of the River Practice in Truro, Jeremy Peak is on the show, he discusses his line of work and the journey it took for him to achieve his career. 

Tim Cocks is the Managing Director of Active Plus. Active Plus is a community interest company which uses the skills and experience of injured military veterans to deliver unique programmes that build confidence, motivation and self-belief. 

Want to know what makes us happiest in life? Dr Glenn Williams, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Nottingham Trent University tells us the answer! 

Bupa Medical Director Dr Annabel Bentley joins us on the show to discuss recent findings that show Brits want more transparency in private healthcare. 

And last but certainly not least Loose Women's Andrea McLean reveals her top tips to help avoid tummy troubles in the sun!

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The Business Hub 4th August 2014 - An introduction to helping anyone in business succeed

4th August 2014

Mark Peters kicks off the first ever Business Hub show by interviewing his co-host, Kim Conchie. We delve into the backstory of the man who currently holds the position of the Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. 

Also on the show this week: 

Bernard Curren, Director of Cornwall Innovation. Bernard gives us an insight into the concept of the innovation centres and what they mean for businesses in Cornwall. Find out more:

Harriet Bowtell, Employment Lawyer at Slater & Gordon in London. Harriet discusses a very important issue in business, particularly in Cornwall - work stress. 

Dr Harry Witchel, a communication and relationship expert explains why work place friendships are on the rise. 

For more information on the Genius cafes visit: 

Michelle Mone OBE, entrepreneur and owner of Ultimo. Michelle reveals careers Brits would most like to leave our jobs, and offers up tips and advice to entrepreneurs based on her journey.

Enter the Spirit of Small Business Awards here:


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