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The Business Hub 27th October 2014 - Best Company To Work For

27th October 2014

On this week's show

We hear from Ian Woodland of HBS Solutions


William Rogers CEO of Pirate FM and Pirate 2's parent company UKRD discusses "Best Company, Best Leader" practises.


Also Andrew Stallard of Worldwide Financial Planning talks about  ‘Investing for Income’


And we consider ‘Online marketing considerations for a new a website or a re-brand’ with Hooked On Media

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The Business Hub 20th October 2014 - Ignite 2014 Special

20th October 2014

This week is a very special show this week with 7 of the 8 finalists of the Ignite 2014 business start-up competition joining us.


The finalists joining us tonight are:


Jeremy Sneller of TouchByte Ltd - a Cornish IT solutions company providing factual customer in-store data and footfall information using face recognition technology.


Andrew Davenport of Excel Innovation - that plan to introduce a unique bilge pump (The Bilge Bug) to the leisure and marine market.


Ben Treleaven and Gregg Curtis of ISO Spaces Ltd - Engineering recycled shipping containers into high-end modular conversions filling the need for design led, innovative, unique and sustainable buildings.


Katy Davidson of Mangez Moi - who creates and offers a range of products and accessories drawing on international expertise to focus on the market for gourmet food, particularly oysters.


Kristian Fleming and Chris Gordon of the Cornish Ketchup Company - which was founded by two friends with a passion for great food. Real ketchup, handmade in Cornwall from 100% natural ingredients.


Sara Young of AFYNA - AFYNA offers an innovative range of organic skincare products, handmade in Cornwall, using ground-breaking product formulations.


Clare Hunt of Tinker & Conk - provides a unique range of children’s illuminated characters called “Mip Mops” and plans to release additional add on products.


Also Andrew Stallard of Worldwide Financial Planning gives us Financial Tips for Start-ups.

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The Homes and Gardens Show 17th October 2014 - YouTube DIYers and Interior Trends

17th October 2014

This week on the show: 


-  Grant and Matt from Blue Flame Heating Solutions give a step by step guide on what customers should expexct from a new install with an installation guide.


- We have our second part on Buy To Let from Annabel Leach from Belvoir Lettings Falmouth.


We discuss how YouTube DIYers are risking lives with Emma Apter of Electrical Safety Council. 

As we head into Autumn, we take a trip up the M5 to Grand Designs Live at the Birmingham NEC, where we talk about seasonal changes and having a spruce up around the house with Interior Designer Julia Kendall and Alexei Cowan, Head of Trends at Homebase.


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The Business Hub 13th October 2014 - Cutting Through The Jargon

13th October 2014


This week we're back over to the Health and Wellbeing Centre to learn all about Spiezia Organics with Amanda Barlow.


We learn how local businesses have come together to create a one stop place for their online activity with Jenny Pickles from The Cornish High Street.


Nick from Worldwide Financial Planning cuts through the financial jargon with some plain talking.


Paul Massey of Blue Fruit talks about embedded software and how Cornwall is becoming a hotbed of talent for software developers and software testers.


And Stewart & Andrew from Hooked On Media explain conversion rates for websites and how important these are to see how your website is performing.

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The Homes and Gardens Show 10th October 2014 - Slugs and Snails

10th October 2014

This week it's a packed show with Duncan from Blue Flame Heating Solutions interviewing James from Windhager, where they discuss Biomass Heating.


Also if your house is still on the market David & Zoe from Marshall’s Estate Agent have some top tips with options you can look into.


And we get counting Snails and Slugs in the garden with Dr Dave Hodgson, senior lecturer in Ecology at Exeter University. Dave is urging people across the UK to join the nationwide ecological experiment ‘the big snail count’.

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The Business Hub 6th October 2014 - Media, Digital and a hint of France

6th October 2014

On this week's show : 


-           We talk to Dan Hinchliffe at Insite Digital, based at the Health and Wellbeing Innovation Centre.


-          Trevor Lee of Trevor Lee Media about his experiences of setting up the company and top tips for making a sale.


-          Andrew Stallard of Worldwide Financial Planning talks about the imminent 55% tax rate on some inherited pensions which is to be cut, and its implications.


And we find out how local book shops are competing in the global marketplace with Michele Lawemont the owner of The Book Shop in Liskeard


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The Homes and Gardens Show 3rd October 2014 - Rose Pruning, Baking and Buying to let

3rd October 2014

On this week's show : 


-  We chat to Mark Bolitho one of the directors of Blue Flame Heating Solutions.


-  Annabel Leach, Belvoir Lettings Falmouth discusses buying to let in Part 1 of a 2 part series.


And TV Baker Brothers Tom & Henry Herbert give us tips about baking at home as it’s Craft Bakers Week.

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