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The Business Hub is brought to you by Cornwall Innovation, it is a weekly business radio show with one goal in mind – to help anyone in business succeed!

It is hosted by Mark Peters, MD of Pirate FM and Kim Conchie, Chief Executive of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce.

Every week the show aims to tackle current business topics and deliver interviews with local entrepreneurs and companies as well as well-known names in the business world.

Turning Hobbies into Money

9th March 2015

Everyone would like to turn their hobby into something profitable... but should you?

The Business Hub

Everyone has that one thing that they love in life. The one thing that stops them from going insane on a day to day basis - but should you turn this hobby into a career choice and make money from it? That's the question that we're asking today. Below are some of our thoughts, in whether deciding whether or not you should turn your hobby into a career.

Research the Market

Before going deep into the idea that you want to turn your hobby into money, you need to really research the market that you are going to be diving into - there will be nothing worse than to quit your day job for your hobby, just to find that the market is oversaturated with competition. It won't be financially viable for you to do so.

Will you enjoy it?

Having a hobby is completely different from a career - you can do the hobby in your own spare time with no deadlines to adhere to. Would you still enjoy your hobby if you had deadlines and time plastered all over it, with increasing amounts of stress? It's just something to think about before you go crazy into it.

Do you enjoy a challenge?

There's no doubt that this will be hard work. Setting up a business is hard - making money from that business is even harder. Do you have what it takes to make the business successful? If yes, perfect! If no, i'd look at different ways to incorporate your hobby into your job.


If you do go ahead and push to work with your hobby, you need to stay persisted. You need to make it your goal to make it work, otherwise there's no point in doing it. You would have effectively gave up everything, for nothing. Make sure you plan, evaulate and plan again. You need to constantly be pushing yourself forward in making your hobby work as a job.

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Is SEO Dead?

27th February 2015

SEO is one of those topics where there are people on either side of the fence. You’re either obsessed with it, or you’re not really bothered. None the less, SEO is a massively under appreciated tool in the Local Business world, and not many businesses have really grasped the concept behind it.

We had a chat with Stewart & Andrew from Hooked on Media about if SEO is dead.

Is SEO dead?

SEO is definitely not dead. It changes all the time and if you’re not up to date then of course you’re going to think it’s dead. It’s always evolving. I can’t see it totally dieing out because you just have to progress with change. A few years ago, sponsors links were a big thing – now they’re not. Nowadays, you have to create content based on quality content and with the user in mind. Google is naturally good now at listing good quality content higher up.SEO Image

Even blogs have changed within Google now. Vlogs are now coming up and starting to lead the way, you’ll often find a vlog more ahead of the average blog just because the content is creative. At the end of the day, people are getting shorter and shorter attention spans; people would rather watch a one-minute video rather than read a block of text.

With the changes to Google, does that mean SEO has become a lot more technical or more labour intensive?

A bit of both. You used to be able to buy a lot of links and pop them on in order to do, however now you have to make good quality content in order to make a more natural link. You have to keep on board with what Google are doing and just stick to their guidelines. 

You have to be on the ball on to what Google is doing, and by doing that you figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s working and what isn’t working.

If your SEO isn’t up to scratch, it’s all good having this really great website – but if it’s not ranking high on Google, then nobody is going to see it.

Hooked on Media is an experienced, creative and innovative online marketing agency in Cornwall, with a huge amount of knowledge of SEO.

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The Business Hub 27th October 2014 - Best Company To Work For

27th October 2014

On this week's show

We hear from Ian Woodland of HBS Solutions


William Rogers CEO of Pirate FM and Pirate 2's parent company UKRD discusses "Best Company, Best Leader" practises.


Also Andrew Stallard of Worldwide Financial Planning talks about  ‘Investing for Income’


And we consider ‘Online marketing considerations for a new a website or a re-brand’ with Hooked On Media

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The Business Hub 20th October 2014 - Ignite 2014 Special

20th October 2014

This week is a very special show this week with 7 of the 8 finalists of the Ignite 2014 business start-up competition joining us.


The finalists joining us tonight are:


Jeremy Sneller of TouchByte Ltd - a Cornish IT solutions company providing factual customer in-store data and footfall information using face recognition technology.


Andrew Davenport of Excel Innovation - that plan to introduce a unique bilge pump (The Bilge Bug) to the leisure and marine market.


Ben Treleaven and Gregg Curtis of ISO Spaces Ltd - Engineering recycled shipping containers into high-end modular conversions filling the need for design led, innovative, unique and sustainable buildings.


Katy Davidson of Mangez Moi - who creates and offers a range of products and accessories drawing on international expertise to focus on the market for gourmet food, particularly oysters.


Kristian Fleming and Chris Gordon of the Cornish Ketchup Company - which was founded by two friends with a passion for great food. Real ketchup, handmade in Cornwall from 100% natural ingredients.


Sara Young of AFYNA - AFYNA offers an innovative range of organic skincare products, handmade in Cornwall, using ground-breaking product formulations.


Clare Hunt of Tinker & Conk - provides a unique range of children’s illuminated characters called “Mip Mops” and plans to release additional add on products.


Also Andrew Stallard of Worldwide Financial Planning gives us Financial Tips for Start-ups.

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The Business Hub 13th October 2014 - Cutting Through The Jargon

13th October 2014


This week we're back over to the Health and Wellbeing Centre to learn all about Spiezia Organics with Amanda Barlow.


We learn how local businesses have come together to create a one stop place for their online activity with Jenny Pickles from The Cornish High Street.


Nick from Worldwide Financial Planning cuts through the financial jargon with some plain talking.


Paul Massey of Blue Fruit talks about embedded software and how Cornwall is becoming a hotbed of talent for software developers and software testers.


And Stewart & Andrew from Hooked On Media explain conversion rates for websites and how important these are to see how your website is performing.

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