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The Business Hub 15th September 2014 - Preparing for Christmas

15th September 2014

On this week's show:

-          Jess from Type

Jess tells us about the business - a dynamic content agency specialising in content strategy and creative communications. Type is based at the Tremough Innovation Centre.

-          Mark Smith from WATTSTOR

WATTSTOR is a smart energy management and storage system. Mark tells us about the challenges the team have faced and the future for WATTSTOR.

-          Marcus Evans, Elevate

Marcus has over 30 years of business experience so we can be sure to get lots of nuggets of advice from him, plus he discusses how to promote loyalty for your brand.

-          Worldwide Financial Planning – Independent Financial Advisor Nick McBreen part 2.

Nick McBreen is back this with with part 2 of common mistakes business owners make with their financial planning.

-          Hooked on Media – Preparing for Christmas

Stewart and Andrew highlight the importance of starting digital preparations for Christmans now.

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