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The Education and Training Show

The Education and Training Show is hosted by Kayleigh Bray, and brought to you by Truro and Penwith College.

The show explores areas such as further education, apprenticeships and adult learning. The Learning Partnership will be contributing to the show weekly covering topics including workforce development and redundancy.

Our Top 5 Unique Careers

4th March 2015

It's National Careers Week!

...and loads of students around the country are stuck with ideas on what they want to do for the rest of their life. 

Some students want to be doctor’s… lawyers… accountants… the list goes on. But what if you don’t know what you want to do with your life? For inspiration, we have compiled a list of our Top 5 Unique Careers, to put a spin on your life!


5. Flight Attendant
Can you imagine going on a plane, every day, and visiting a new country? One day you could be in Brazil, the next, China. How about meeting the hundreds of people, which you inevitably will in your new day-to-day job.

4. Firefighter
The emergency services are always in need for brave individuals who put their own lives on the line. Imagine being able to say every day that you are making a difference in your line of work.

3. Social Media Analyst
You pretty much spend your whole day on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr anyway, and imagine getting paid for it! Being a Social Media analyst means that you will be hot on any trends and will be actively looking at your target audience to see what makes them tick.

2. Voice Over Artist
Don’t have the face for TV or Film? Just kidding. If you’re shy of getting yourself on the big screen, why not hide behind your voice and create some really amazing voice overs? The power of audio is incredible.

1. Video Game Player
Imagine getting paid to play your favourite video games. With the way the internet is going, Video Game Walkthroughs are becoming one of the biggest pushs in Internet Traffic.
National Careers Week is held on 2nd – 6th of March. 

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The Education & Training Show 13th August 2014 - A-levels! A-levels!

14th August 2014

Kayleigh Bray hosts another jam-packed Education & Training Show on Pirate 2. 

We speak to Jeanette and Priscilla from the Learning Partnership who interview Mark Yeoman from the ESF Convergence and Communications Team. 

The director of curriculum for Truro and Penwith College, Mark Wardle, chats to us about the A-level qualifications and wide range of courses students can choose from.

Tim Moody is a careers and personal advisor at Careers South West, he discusses the advice and support that will be available on results day, and the clearing process.

And Kirsty Grant and Hamish Murphy of charity Latitude talk to us about gap years and the benefits they can have on your CV. 

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The Education & Training Show 6th August 2014 - Learning, Careers and Exam Stress

6th August 2014

The very first show went live at 7pm on the 6th August. 

The weekly show was hosted and will continue to be hosted by Pirate 2's Kayleigh Bray! Kayleigh discusses her background in education and delves into the current hot topics. 

This weeks guests were: 

Jeanette Read, Priscilla Samuel and Andrew Green of the Learning Partnership, describing exactly what they do and how their links can help you! The Learning Partnership will be on the show every week. 

Bursary advisor at Falmouth University Will Wears discusses the amount of bursaries and scholarships available to the people of Cornwall for this academic year.

John Davey is the Director of Business Development at Careers South West and is on the show to give us an insight into what they do and who they help.

Education Psychologist Teresa Bliss talks exam stress as we approach the A-Level and GCSE results days!

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Our Top 5 Unique Careers

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