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The Farming Show

Cornwall’s Farming Show is a weekly show for all things agriculture. 

The show includes the latest farming news, a look at the long range weather and interviews discussing the hot topics of the farming world with local farmers and well-known names in the industry.

Farmer's Family History

6th March 2015

This week on Twitter, we asked you folks if you...

..had any idea about your family history. We had quite a few responses which are extremely interesting to see, and some of which were quite frankly interesting! Here's a few of our favourite responses.
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The Farming Show 14th August 2014 - Bees and Ladies in Beef

15th August 2014

On this week's farming show we hear from:

Simon Haley is the co-founder of @AgriChatUK on Twitter! Simon discusses the concept of AgriChatUK and how social media help Farmers. 

NFU Mutual's Tim Price discusses recent stats that show rural crime costs £1.1m in Devon and Cornwall.

Beekeeper Warren Bader from Plan B Limited, he is on the show to tell us why we have to save Britain’s Bees and why they are so important for our food chain. 

Our final guest on the show is Jilly Greed of Ladies in Beef. Jilly talks to us about how the Ladies in beef, in partnership with RABI, are encouraging the British public to celebrate the versatility and nutritional value of British Beef!

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The Farming Show 7th August 2014 - Apples and Pears and JB Gill

8th August 2014

The first ever farming show on Pirate 2 aired at 7pm on the 7th August!

Guests were: 

-          Mike Hambly, Farmer and Chairman of the National Crops Board for the NFU 

Mike talks about this years harvest and the NFU's harvest sticker Campaign.

-          Daniel Rowe, About Farming

Daniel alongside a small group of others is launching a new concept called 'about farming' which will be a tool providing information about everying to do with agriculture. 

-          Adrian Barlow, CEO of English Apples and Pears

The hot summer weather has meant that english apples are being harvested more than a month earlier than last year. Adrian discusses the effects this has on growers and what this means for the crop. 

-          Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association

Peter addressing the reoccuring debate - organic vs non-organic. 

-          JB Gill former member of JLS turned farmer! 

JB Gill has teamed up with Kellogs and is fronting a new initiative to help children learn more about where there food comes from as findings have shown 1.8 million children in the UK have never been to a farm!

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The Farming Show 14th August 2014 - Bees and Ladies in Beef

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15th August 2014 12:05pm

The Farming Show 7th August 2014 - Apples and Pears and JB Gill

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