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Interview of the week - Becky Willson

Listen back to the interview with Becky Willson, who discusses the Farm Crap App Pro – researching and developing solutions for smart manure management.

Interview of the week - Liz Gilbert

Listen to the interview with Liz Gilbert, of the Cornwall Development Company, on the support to develop innovations through the Agri-Tech Cornwall Project.

Interview of the week - George Eustice

Here what happened when Rob Dunn and Sara Studden caught up with George Eustice, Minister of state for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The Farming Show - April 2018 Edition.

This week Rob and Sara chat with a variety of guests including Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food - George Eustice.

Interview of the week - Mark Fitzsimons.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Mark Fitzsimons where he discusses the FABSOIL project.

Interview of the week - Steph Berkeley

Rob Dunn spoke to Steph Berkeley, who leads the Farm Safety Foundation. They launched a new campaign #MindYourHead on the 12th February.

Interview of the week - Robin Jackson

Here's what happened when Rob Dunn spoke to Robin Jackson, the Director of AgriTech Cornwall.

Interview of the week - Minette Batters

Rob Dunn spoke to the NFU's Minette Batters about the topical points of the moment. This interview was recorded on 14th February.

The Farming Show - February 2018 Edition

This week Rob Dunn speaks to Minette Batters of the NFU, Robin Jackson of AgriTech Cornwall and Steph Berkeley about the Farm Safety Foundation's new campaign - #MindYourHead

Interview of the week - Alex Stevens

Listen back to the full interview with Alex Stevens of the NFU. - The Cornwall Business Directory