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The Farming Show - February 2018 Edition

This week Rob Dunn speaks to Minette Batters of the NFU, Robin Jackson of AgriTech Cornwall and Steph Berkeley about the Farm Safety Foundation's new campaign - #MindYourHead

Interview of the week - Alex Stevens

Listen back to the full interview with Alex Stevens of the NFU.

Interview of the week - Anna Baker Cresswell

Listen to the full interview with Anna Baker Cresswell, found of charity - High Ground.

Interview of the week - Sean Sparling

Listen to the full interview with Sean Sparling of SAS Agronomy.

The Farming Show - January 2018 Edition

Rob and Sara are back with another jam-packed show! They chat to Alex Stevens from the NFU, Sean Sparling of SAS Agronomy, Anna Baker Cresswell from charity High Ground and Rachel Watling of #ClubHectare.

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast September 2017

We hear from Josie Purcell about the latest news...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast August 2017

Josie Purcell talks about the Youth Outreach Programme

Farming Show July 2017

The latest from the Farming world with Rob Dunn and the team

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast July 2017

We hear from Communications and Marketing Officer Josie Purcell...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast June 2017

We hear from the leader of volunteering... - The Cornwall Business Directory