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Life's a Beach for The River Practice

River Practice raise awareness of Mouth Cancer with Beach Day

Dental Instruments

How can I treat gum disease, gingivitis and periodontitis?

Gum disease. OK, it’s not the sexiest of subjects to talk about – and it’s not just about having bad teeth and smelly breath.

epilepsy app wide

Cornwall specialists help to develop life-saving epilepsy app

Find out more about this epilepsy self-monitoring app!

Healthy Food

In Vogue to be Vegan - What is a Vegan?

Why do people turn Vegan? Find out here, plus some Vegan recipes for you to try!

Vegan Dishes

Top 3 Vegan Dishes

Here are our Top 3 Vegan Dishes

New Kids On The Block!

We take a look at some of the youngest entrepreneurs around to see how they made their millions!

Most Popular Adult Courses

Most Popular Adult Courses

There are 100's of Part Time courses available in the Duchy - but which ones are the most popular?

moustache 1

The World's Weirdest Competitions

The world is a pretty messed up place with lots of things going on within it...

Women in Science

Three Women in Science

Today, we pay homage to three amazing women that have contributed to Science.

Top Lessons to Learn From The Dead

Top Lessons to Learn From the Dead

We've always taught by people that are living. People that are there right infront of us...

Harbour Fish and Grill - Photographs

Check out the gallery here!



Who the heck is DJ BBQ?

Swedish Food Thumb

A Swedish Smörgåsbord!

As the Swedes get ready to celebrate their Midsummer Holiday, we take a look at some of Sweden’s top delicacies!

Pulled Pork

Our Favourite Pulled Pork Dishes

New foods come and go and some we love so much that we just can't get rid of - and that's the case for Pulled Pork...

p2 june blog thumb

June: The month to enjoy what?

Summer is just around the corner; June is nearly upon us - here's our top 10 fresh produce in season right now!

A Garden in a Castle

We're celebrating our garden in a unique way this month - by bringing it into St Michael's Mount itself...

Antique Finds Thumb

3 Weird Antique Finds

Antiques are one of the things that you either have in your home, or you don't.

The Homes and Gardens Show

The Best of the Worst DIY Jobs Ever!

You thought your other half was bad at DIY.. These picture will make you think otherwise!

Neighbour Notes

Top 7 Notes from Your Neighbour

At some point in your life, you'll get a neighbour as annoying as these...

Worst Estate Photos

How NOT to Sell Your Home

People up and down the country are trying to get on the Property Ladder...

Viral Videos - 16/05/15

Harry & Jess here, today we have some great videos for you - including the most embarrassing news interview...

Viral Videos Thumb

Viral Videos - 25/04/15

Harry & Jess here, today we have some great videos for you - including the most EPIC sky dive.

Viral Videos - 25/04/15

Viral Videos - 25/04/15

Harry & Jess here, today we have some great videos for you - including how NOT to wash your car...

Viral Videos - 18/04/15

Viral Videos - 18/04/15

Harry & Jess here, today we have some great videos for you - including possibly the best Robin Williams impersonator...

Viral Videos - 11/04/15

Viral Videos - 11/04/15

Harry & Jess here, today we have some great videos for you - including a man who's kite takes him for a ride!

VIDEO: Angry Farmers Strip Milk From Supermarket Shelves

Protest in Bude over the price being paid to suppliers


The Royal Cornwall Show

The Royal Cornwall Show has been and gone... and here's some of it's best bits.


Royal Cornwall Show

It's now the week of The Royal Cornwall Show... and here's everything you need to know!

The Farming Show

Diversifying Farming Businesses

As we become a more digital world, solely doing traditional routes of farming are becoming more unusual.

Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing

This week, we speak to Matt Smith as he goes through the task of trying to beat his...


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