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'An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest'

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4:03pm 8th September 2015

Words by David Smallman - www.smallmanonbusiness.com

'An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest'

As all our school age children begin a new academic year, some 2.9 million alone will be attending state primary and secondary in 2015/16, those who took their GCSE’s and A levels this summer are contemplating either a further two years of school/college study or they are could be one of the nearly 600,000 who applied for UK university places in 2015. That’s more than 10,000 above the previous record set in 2011.

Despite all the recent gloom in the media about the cost of a university education more young people are choosing to saddle themselves (and their parents!) with a financial burden that those of us in former generations would not have even contemplated.

Thus the education system has an enormous responsibility to produce graduates- that our lawyer friends in a different context would describe as – fit for purpose. In this case fit to live out a meaningful role in society and contribute to the Nation’s (some would say the World’s) economic success thus creating the wealth which pays for the social and environmental programmes that society in 2015 demands.

But you say it can’t be all about “profit”; an education must be rounded and provide a platform of knowledge that understands the environment, social concerns, sciences an appreciation of the arts, music and that catch all-culture - further it must teach tolerance between faiths and the divergent life philosophies that the human race has developed over millions of years.

And yet whether we like it or not we exist in a free market economy, you may have a philosophical disagreement with it but as the last two centuries have shown it’s the best that man has come up with to date.

Therefore, the education system must bring out the talent inherent in those half a million plus young people, teach them to understand how the World works day by day not simply give them a same old same old safe education. The educators must guide them to an understanding of how in creating a financial success for themselves they are providing the building blocks for those social and environmental programmes.

david smallman

David Smallman has over 48 years of experience, gained living, working and doing business in 58 countries. He is writer on business matters including a smallman logoregular column “150 words that should make sense in your business” available in print in the USA and online.

He is broadcaster who has contributed to The Business Hub here on Pirate 2 DAB; helping listeners to “making sense of business".



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