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Things to Do Over Easter

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1:08pm 1st April 2015
(Updated 1:11pm 1st April 2015)

Educating children and entertaining them can be extremely hard...

...over the Easter period, when they're constantly at home and by your side. There's so little to do when at home, so considering it's Easter - we thought it'd be nice to share with you some of our favourite educational things to do with Easter.

Hop into Writing - 10 Worksheets

In this pack of 10 worksheets, children can enjoy Easter while doing puzzles with their heads. Your child will surely not be bored by this.

Click here to download.

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Colour an Easter Egg Hunt

Children absolutely love colouring in and is a great way to develop their creativity. And how fitting that they will be colouring in things to do with Easter? In this worksheet, children will be colouring in the pretty scenery, while trying to find the hidden Easter Eggs.

Click here to download.

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Race to Draw the Bunny

Get your children to participate in something competitive, and get them to draw an Easter Bunny, as fast as they can! This brilliant and fun game will make your child's day!

Click here to download.

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Easter Math for Pre-Schoolers

Within this workbook, Children will be going through and working with mathematical problems; with everything relating to Easter. This is a good'n.

Click here to download.

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With thanks to: Education.com for providing the workbooks & worksheets.


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