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Top 5 Revision Tips

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11:57am 15th April 2015

It's now the summer term - which could only mean one thing... Sunsh...exams!

... Let's face it, revision can be a real drag - the sheer anticipation alone of just having an exam is enough to just drop everything and try forget about it. But it doesn't have to be that difficult - here are 10 tips to help you study for your exams.

1. Make use of Revision Guides

There are so many revision guides out there, it'd be silly not to take advantage of them. You should be reading these - in order to learn all of the information you need to pass your exams. After all, all the information you need will be in one place!

2. Put Revision Notes around your house

Now, this is a brilliant idea. You want to make it so you cannot escape your revision notes - and constantly digesting information. The notes will get stuck in your head - so you won't forget them!

3. During Study Leave, start your revising early!

You're by far the most productive in the morning, so you should take advantage of this and wake up early. By staying in, and lazing around, you're just setting yourself up for failure - as you won't have as much energy as if you woke up earlier.

4. Start Revising Early

Make sure you have by far enough time to revise for your exams - and don't cram. Put yourself some time aside to sit down and revise efficiently - it's proven that cramming revision is just pointless in comparison.

5. Sit at a Proper Desk

If you revise in your bed, you'll be too casual in revising - and you're head won't be in the game. Revise at the proper location so you can collect your thoughts better; you'll be open to less distractions.



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