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5 Courses You Thought Couldn't Exist

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11:55am 29th April 2015
(Updated 2:05pm 29th April 2015)

We currently live in an ever evolving world...

...and if there's anything to prove that, it's some of the courses that are on offer around the world. Some of these courses, you couldn't imagine were real, 10 years ago... Today, we'll be talking through some of the weirdest courses that we've come across...

5. Digital & Social Media

A degree which we could finally say we're doing when we're actually procrastinating & looking at cat photos! Just kidding. This degree has evolved in the past four - five years, and allows students to grab concepts on this ever evolving market. It has a around a 91% employment rate...

4. Ethical Hacking

This degree teaches you how to hack... Sounds kind of silly - well, not really. These days, hacking is becoming an increasing problem for businesses - and a lot of businesses want to recruit their own hackers, people who gain unrestricted access. This is so they can patch any security flaws first, before actual and malicious hackers take advantage of the issues.

3. The Beatles, Popular Music & Society

This course goes through identity in society and how The Beatles gained popularity, while being taught in The Beatles home down - Liverpool.

This course is taught at Liverpool Hope University.

The Beatles

2. Comedy

Humber College in Canada offers this course to teach you how to be a comedic genius, and goes through comedic subjects such as stand-up, improv, sketch comedy and/or screenwriting.

1. Education Studies

Within the course of Education Studies, there is a whole module dedicated to Harry Potter... and that is no word of a lie - and is taught at Durham University. We love Harry Potter, and so we might even have to enrol on this one!


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