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4:35pm 17th June 2015
(Updated 11:49am 18th June 2015)

Doing a part time course...

...is a great way to expand your skills, have fun and even earn qualifications to help you get to that next step of your career. Here are the hotest part time courses on offer at the moment. If you are interested in doing a part time course then check out Truo & Penwith Colleges Part Time Courses


Dress making
2015 has seen the art of dress making become very popular! This ‘vintage’ hobby has captured the nation in wanting to create their own fashion, or improve the clothes they already have! There are many courses to teach dress making (and no, you don’t just make dresses!) A course will usually show you how to make a garment from scratch, how to work with a pattern, what is the best material and equipment to use. People usually do this course for fun, but it may bring out your inner Victoria Beckham!



When you think of pottery it’s easy to think of being in school sat in front of a potter’s wheel with a lump of clay wondering what interesting creation you would make today. This seemingly dying art is very popular when it comes to part time courses. Students get the chance to experiment with different types of clay, plus learn how to master the potter’s wheel, hand building, glazing and many other techniques.



Jewellery Making
All of us have that one friend that is arty and creative and makes their own jewellery! Ever wondered how they have learnt their art? There are now hundreds of part time courses to teach you how to make you own jewellery – and we’re not just talking about sun dried pumpkin seeds and elastic. Courses today include how to design and create a bangle, ring, ear rings - pretty much anything! You also learn how to solder materials together, texturing and polishing. Now you can be the envy of all your friends!



Cake Decorating
With the Great British Bake off and other cookery programmes inspiring the nation and making us baking crazy, cake related courses have shot up in popularity. With a course like Cake Decorating students must first invest in the equipment and products to make their cake creations. Within some courses you have an introduction to sugar craft – including Royal Icing, marzipan, and sugarpaste work.



As well as doing part time courses for fun, it’s also a great way to boost your skills and gain qualifications to enable a career change. Accounting is incredibly popular for people want to make such a move, whether it’s in accountancy or running their own business. There are many courses for different levels of accountancy, plus more niche courses like book-keeping and law.




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