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5:38pm 26th June 2015
(Updated 3:56pm 7th July 2015)

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs...

...in todays world are under the age of 30! How have they made their millions I hear you ask?! We take a look at a few of the most youthful succesful stories from around the world

1. Kevin Systrom, 27 & Mike Krieger, 25 - Instagram
When these chaps set up Instagram they had no idea how popular the photo posting app would become! Kevin who is from the States and CEO of Instagram and Mike who is orinially from Brazil set up the photo charing platform simply because of their love of photos. The business is estimated to be worth more than $35 billion - not bad for starting a business in your mid twenties!

my social cloud

2. Stacey Ferreira, 21 - My Social CloudStacey was only 18 when she co-founded this enterprise. My Social Cloud is an online platform which lets you safely save and store passwords for the numerous logins that we have today. The business caught the attention of Richard Branson and in turn he helped them aquire $1 million in seed funding. stacey is n ow working on her second start-up.

snapchat3. Evan Spiegel, 23 - Snapchat
Evan created this app originally as part of a project for his university course, along with another classmate. Although the snap sharing app has caused controversy, CEO Evan has apparently turned down a $3 billion offer for the app! Snapchat is continuing to evolve and one day (we think possibly!) might take over the world..

solben4. Daniel Gomez Iniguez, 24 - Solben
Daniel is the CEO and co-founder of the developing renewable technologies company Solben. He was named 'Mexican Inventor of the Year' and the enterprise was reported to be worth more than $1 million before Daniel had even graduated from University!

airy labs5. Andrew Hsu, 24 - Airy Lab
Andrew is, you could say, exceptionally gifted as he graduated from the University of Washington aged just 16. Then at 19 he created an educational gaming startup called Airy Labs, which he raised $1.5 million for the startup. We're keepig our eyes on this guy to see what he comes up with next!


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