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VIDEO: Angry Farmers Strip Milk From Supermarket Shelves

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8:40am 3rd August 2015

Angry farmers have taken a cow to a Cornish supermarket - and cleared all the milk off the shelves.

It happened at Morrison's in Bude as part of a big protest over how much suppliers are paid.

The chain says it has already agreed not to cut that further.

Michael Shadwick led the action in Bude. He told the BBC store staff had been "overwhelmed."

"We cleared the lot. They are left with none now, so it's mission accomplished for us.

"Hopefully, the message will get back to their buyers that, you know, they need to support us."

Morrisons spokesman Darren Blackhurst said: "We try to pass on lower prices to our customers wherever possible.

"We do recognise however, due to reduced global demand, that this has created an oversupply of British milk, creating difficult conditions for many dairy farmers at present.

"At a constructive meeting on Wednesday with the NFU Dairy Board chairman, we confirmed that Morrisons is not accepting any further cost price decreases from our suppliers driven by the falling farm gate milk price."

You can watch the moment fellow farmers target a supermarket in Gloucestershire in a similar protest here...




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