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Harbour Fish and Grill - Photographs

Check out the gallery here!


Who the heck is DJ BBQ?

A Swedish Smörgåsbord!

As the Swedes get ready to celebrate their Midsummer Holiday, we take a look at some of Sweden’s top delicacies!

Our Favourite Pulled Pork Dishes

New foods come and go and some we love so much that we just can't get rid of - and that's the case for Pulled Pork...

p2 june blog thumb

June: The month to enjoy what?

Summer is just around the corner; June is nearly upon us - here's our top 10 fresh produce in season right now!

World's Worst Cakes

World's Worst Cakes

Do you ever go onto recipe websites, and find an ambitious idea... and then for it to fail?

Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw

Today, we headed off to see Nathan Outlaw, here's everything that went down...

Sea Food School

Visiting the Seafood School

This week, we went off to The Seafood School and it was brilliant... See the photos and more here!

St Petrocs Bistro

St Petrocs

This week, we visited St Petrocs in Padstow...

Nathan Outlaw 6

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw Photographs

Last week, we went down to Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, and we had cocktails made for us - as well as some of the most finest food!


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