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Breast Screening - How do you check?

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1:57pm 28th April 2015

It's incredibly important to keep on checking your body...

to see if there's any problems, as your body is the most important thing. There is however a problem when looking for Cancer, and that is most people just don't want to check. People don't check because they're scared about what they might find - and we need to change that.

Breast Cancer effects almost 50,000 people in the UK - men and women alike - and it's important you know how to check your breasts for any lumps.

But how do you check your breasts?

Firstly, you want to stand up straight, facing a mirror. Let your arms hang by your sides, and visually check to see if there are any abnormalities with your breasts... questions you want to ask yourself are: Are they their usual size? Shape? Colour? Are they evenly shaped with no signs of swelling or distortion?

Next, lift both arms up and see if they change. Check to see if there is any fluid coming out of the nipple.

After, lay down and feel your breasts, using alternate hands for each breast. You should use a firm but smooth touch, using the first few fingers, while keeping the fingers flat and together. You should be trying to feel for any lumps - and you should be feeling the whole of your breast, deeply.

Finally, do the same while you're standing or sitting. A good idea is to do this in the shower, so your skin is a lot more flexible and easier to feel. You should be checking, again, the whole breast - and not just one area.

Listen to next week's Home & Wellbeing Show, as we sit in to a real breast cancer screening.

To learn more about Breast Cancer, and to find out more ways to screen yourself, visit BreastCancer.org


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