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The Health & Wellbeing Show

The Health & Wellbeing Show

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Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast September 2017

We hear from Josie Purcell about the latest news...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast August 2017

Josie Purcell talks about the Youth Outreach Programme

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast July 2017

We hear from Communications and Marketing Officer Josie Purcell...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast June 2017

We hear from the leader of volunteering...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast May 2017

We meet two new members of staff...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast April 2017

We hear from the new Chief Executive Amanda Stratford...

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast - March 2017 2

Spokesperson Josie Purcell tells us about their new CEO Amanda Stratford and outreach programmes coming up over the next few months.

Healthwatch Cornwall Podcast - March 2017

Josie Purcell from Healthwatch Cornwall discusses the Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Cornwall and their place on the 'Shaping Our Future' board

The Health & Wellbeing Show 20th December 2016 - Fitness & Festivities

This week we get an update from Healthwatch Cornwall. Plus we chat to Pete from The Cornwall, Hotel, Spa & Estate about their gym facilities!

The Health & Wellbeing Show 13th December 2016 - Wellness & Training

This week we chat to Verity, Spa Manager at The Cornwall Hotel, Spa and Estate, about their Spa facilities. Plus we hear why more and more young people are being treated for 'older generation' diseases. - The Cornwall Business Directory