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A Garden in a Castle

We're celebrating our garden in a unique way this month - by bringing it into St Michael's Mount itself...

3 Weird Antique Finds

Antiques are one of the things that you either have in your home, or you don't.

The Best of the Worst DIY Jobs Ever!

You thought your other half was bad at DIY.. These picture will make you think otherwise!

Top 7 Notes from Your Neighbour

At some point in your life, you'll get a neighbour as annoying as these...

How NOT to Sell Your Home

People up and down the country are trying to get on the Property Ladder...

Top 5 BBQ Tips That You Need This Summer

Summer's coming and it's time to brush the dust off of last years BBQ and time to put it to use!

Make Your Garden a Buzzing with Activity...

Your garden is an amazing place... but how do you promote wildlife to come and visit?

A Little Chaos - An Brief Insight

The summer months are now here which means our gardens are becoming full of life and full of colour.

Homeshed Photographs

Last week, James Dundon & Holly Day, from Pirate FM, went off to Homeshed...

Top Tips to Host Garden Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is here! And for a lot of us, we're planning a lot of really good Easter Egg Hunts which can be done in your garden... - The Cornwall Business Directory