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The Youth Show

The Youth Show

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The Youth Show 16th April 2016

It's the last ever Youth Show - listen back and download it here!

The Youth Show 9th April 2016

This week Harry has a life hack to improve your sleep quality, plus they reveal their cringey stories for the show!

The Youth Show 2nd April 2016

This week we take a look back over past shows and play some best bits!

The Youth Show 26th March 2016

Chewing pens, trumpet playing and teacher texting are all things you can expect to hear in the show this week!

The Youth Show 19th March 2016

This week Harry and Jess share their Mug of the Week - an ultimate fail which is turning up drunk to an exam!

The Youth Show 12th March 2016

This week Harry and Jess give tips for finding more films on Netflix, plus they battle it out in Things That Grind My Gears between stupid bits of advice Vs people lending your clothes and stretching them!

The Youth Show 5th March 2016

This week Harry has a life hack involving driving, plus Jess tells a cringey story involving Snapchat!

The Youth Show 27th February 2016

Harry and Jess battle it out between boring teachers & leaflet givers in Things that Grond my Gears!

The Youth Show 20th February 2016

Harry Jess bring a brand new feature to the show plus they give advice to their Agony Aunt listners who needs help on improving his CV!

The Youth Show 13th February 2016

This week Harry and Jess help out an Agony Aunt problem on a belly button piercing, plus Harry has a pretty gross Cringe Corner stroy! - The Cornwall Business Directory