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Showing episodes 21 to 30.

The Youth Show 28th November 2015

Harry and Jess help out on a relationship problem in the Agony Aunt problem plus they tell more cringey stories!

The Youth Show 21st November 2015

Harry and Jess battle it out in Things That Grind My Gears - this week its teens being disrespectful to parents VS people you believe in ghosts!

The Youth Show 14th November 2015

Holly Day is back judging Things that Grind my Gears, plus Harry and Jess give advice to another agony aunt problem!

The Youth Show 7th November 2015

Harry and Jess explain what a ‘Scruncher’ is plus they give advice on how to decorate your bedroom cheaply for their agony aunt problem!

The Youth Show 31st October 2015

As Jess and Harry have recently been on holiday they relate cringy situations they got themselves into when they were away!

The Youth Show 24th October 2015

Harry & Jess compete with things that grind their gears, offer advice in the agony aunt segment plus have another life-changing life hack!

The Youth Show 17th October 2015

What’s more annoying - a limp handshake or a rubbish joke? That’s what Harry and Jess are battling between in Things that Grind My Gears! Only Holly Day can decide who wins!

The Youth Show 10th October 2015

On the show this week Harry and Jess give advice in their Agony Aunt section to someone who's best friend is spreading rumours about them!

The Youth Show 3rd October 2015

What's more annoying - having your food stolen or your mates not letting you copy their work? Jess and Harry battle that out in Things that Grind My Gears!

The Youth Show 26th September 2015

Harry and Jess go head to head in things that grind my gears and Pirate FM's Holly Day will deciede who has won this week! - The Cornwall Business Directory